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the donation of anti-epidemic supplies by xinyi group arrived in hong kong * * * fully committed to anti-epidemic efforts and overcoming difficulties with the hong kong citizens

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(hong kong, 21 february 2022) - xinyi group - xinyi glass holdings limited (stock code: 00868), xinyi solar holdings limited (stock code: 00968), xinyi energy holdings limited (stock code: 03868) and xinyi electric storage holdings limited (stock code: 08328) has donated anti-epidemic supplies to support the covid-19 prevention and control efforts in hong kong, once again taking concrete steps to fight the pandemic and face the difficult times alongside the people of hong kong.

xinyi group has planned to donate a total of 100,000 n95 masks, and 100,000 rapid test kits, which will gradually be arriving in hong kong. the first batch of anti-epidemic supplies donated by xinyi group arrived in hong kong via special trucks on 14 february and were donated to the north district committee of the new territories association of societies. the supplies included 3,200 rapid test kits, 50,400 n95 masks, 20,000 pairs of medical gloves and 3,200 protective masks, all of which are urgently needed by hong kong citizens and frontline anti-epidemic workers.

dr. lee yin yee, b.b.s., chairman of xinyi glass and xinyi solar, said, "the pandemic situation is becoming tough, but society is sending love to its people. the group has always been concerned about the prevention and control of the pandemic in hong kong, and has focused on ensuring the stable supply of pandemic prevention supplies to grassroots citizens. in the past two years, hong kong citizens have been actively fighting the pandemic; demonstrating their steadfast resolve. we firmly believe that with the support of the nation and continuing concerted effort from all sectors, hong kong will be able to overcome the epidemic and return to normalcy as soon as possible!”

in late january this year, xinyi group donated 60,000 face masks, which were subsequently distributed to people in need via hong kong legislative council members. since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, the group has fully supported anti-epidemic efforts in both mainland china and hong kong and has donated money, supplies, and provided rental concessions to help fight the battle against the pandemic.