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  • employee
    in xinyi, we value every employee. we provide employees with a full range of labor protection equipment, and set up health care rooms in industrial parks. we continuously improve production process and increase investment in equipment automation upgrades to reduce labor intensity and ensure work safety. with the help of informationized office system, we build a communication platform between enterprises and employees. badminton courts, football fields, basketball courts, gyms, and libraries are available in all industrial parks. all business divisions have labor unions and charity funds. by the end2023 may 31, the accumulated expenditures of the funds reached10798654.45 yuan, helping a total of 1784 employees. xinyi shoulders the responsibility of employee care and continues to create a healthy and harmonious work and living environment for employees.
  • charity
    since its establishment in 1988, xinyi glass has always adhered to the principle of returning to society and social welfare undertakings, building hope primary school, and setting up various public welfare funds. xinyi glass has donated several hundred million yuan for education, cultural and health, transportation and environmental protection, poverty alleviation and social security. mr. lee yin yee, chairman of the board of directors of xinyi group, won the "pengcheng charity award" three times. the company has won the title of "humen education award" by the humen government of dongguan, "guangdong charity contribution award" and "pengcheng charity award". in future, xinyi will continue to adhere to the principle of "being kind to the world" and keep the fine tradition of helping the poor and helping others in need.
  • sustainability
    xinyi glass has long been committed to the research and development of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products, and has continuously promoted the popularization of energy-saving and environmental protection concepts. we have developed new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products such as temperable and bendable low-e glass and solar-x heat-reflective automotive glass. xinyi glass responds to the government's policy on energy conservation and environmental protection, optimizes the industrial structure, implements intelligent production, and regards "energy conservation and environmental protection" as an important strategy of enterprise development, and actively explore the road to green development. xinyi group actively responds to china's goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutrality", and actively develops and utilizes renewable of the end of 2022, xinyi group had a total installed capacity of waste heat power generation of 224mw, a total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation of 5321mw, and a total installed capacity of wind power generation of 64mw. the total power generation of waste heat power generation is 519,093.7 million degrees, the total power generation of photovoltaic power generation is 2,043,300.72 million degrees, and the total power generation of wind power is 67,162.798 million degrees; the cumulative carbon dioxide emission reduction is 2420 million tons.

  • environment protection
    xinyi continues to increase its investment in technological transformation, energy conservation and environmental protection facilities, and is committed to building xinyi glass into a world-class brand of environmental protection and innovation. with advanced technology, superior quality and strict management, xinyi glass implements the "oil to gas" project and the use of clean natural gas helps to improve the environment. the group comprehensively promotes desulfurization, denitrification and waste heat power generation, significantly reducing carbon emissions, increasing reuse of resources, and achieving a win-win situation between corporate and social value. the group's rooftop photovoltaic power generation projects in all industrial parks have also created good economic benefits while meeting the industrial parks' own use of electric.