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xinyi glass donates hk$1 million to the lok sin tong benevolent society kowloon * * * to help address short-term housing need of grassroots families

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(hong kong, 5 march 2021) – xinyi glass holdings limited (“xinyi glass” or the “group”) (stock code: 00868), a leading integrated automobile glass, energy-saving architectural glass and high-quality float glass manufacturer, has donated hk$1 million to the social housing scheme of the lok sin tong benevolent society kowloon (“lok sin tong”), to help address the short-term housing need of grassroots families.

dr lee yin yee, b.b.s., chairman of xinyi glass, said, “lok sin tong’s achievements in serving hong kong over the past years have been evident to everyone. coinciding with lok sin tong 140th anniversary this year, xinyi group decided to donate hk$1 million to the organisation’s social housing scheme, in the hope that the donation can help give more families cozy homes to live in. xinyi glass has upheld the philosophy of ‘what you receive from society, you give back to society’, and it has actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibility. due to the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, the past year has been undoubtedly challenging. we wish we can make a humble effort to realize the spirit of ‘doing good that brings the greatest joy’ and contributing to society. hopefully, we can work together with everyone to overcome the current challenges and welcome the sight of the rainbow after the rains.”

established in 1880, lok sin tong has served hong kong people for over 140 years, in line with its various missions: “to relieve victims of disasters and to console people in distress; to provide quality medical care and free medicine; to promote education and to cultivate youngsters; to care for the old and nurture the young”. in the past, it has focused on providing free medical services and maintaining a caring and harmonious community. as times have changed, it has expanded to a wider spectrum of quality services, including provision of medical care, education and social welfare services. it also supports and sponsors other community projects particularly in relation to social welfare and education. the lok sin tong social housing scheme launched in 2017 works by recruiting kind-hearted property owners to lease apartments to grassroots families at nominal rent as transitional home. the scheme, embracing a community-centric service principle, also offers co-sharing space and supportive services to create a cozy living environment for those it serves.