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xinyi glass attended zak world of facades in shanghai

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on july 25th, 2019, zak world of facades, co-organized with the architectural societyof shanghai china, was held in shanghai. zak world of facades is aninternational conference series on facade design and engineering across its 64completed editions globally, attracting world leading experts and influencersin the domain of facades to share the most updated technology and projects. asthe first zak world of facades conference in mainland china, the eventattracted a large audience including top architects, facade consultants,developers and facade contractors.

as an associate partner of theconference, xinyi glass exhibited high-end architectural glass products such asdouble-silver low-e insulating glass, triple-silver low-e laminated insulatingglass, ultra-white ultra-thick sgp laminated glass and glazed printing jianjun yang, chief technology officer of xinyi glass, attended the meetingand gave a speech entitled "selection of curtain wall glass", inwhich he discussed, exchanged ideas and shared case with the participants fromthe development trend of curtain wall glass and product selection. the speechreceived recognition and praise among the participants.

as china's leading manufacturer oflow-e architectural energy-saving glass, xinyi glass has suppliedlow-emissivity coated glass (low-e glass), heat-reflective coated glass,insulating glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, glazed glass and otherhigh-quality engineering glass products to landmark buildings in big and mediumcities of china and other countries such as the shanghai world expo chinapavilion, shenzhen universiade main stadium and singapore duo twin towers.xinyi glass will continue to invest the r&d in the field of architecturalglass, and is committed to providing a complete solution for curtain wallenergy-saving glass for customers around the world.