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working together to create a better future - xinyi automobile glass customer communication conference held in tianjin

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from june 29th to july 1st 2019, xinyi automobile glass customer communication conference was held in tianjin. over 100 dealers and franchisees from jilin, liaoning and heilongjiang provinces were invited to attend the meeting and visit the automobile glass manufacturing workshop in xinyi tianjin industrial park to have a further understanding of xinyi’s industry, xinyi e-glass marketing promotion, call center, store management and domestic supply services.


customers at reception


at 9:00 a.m. on june 30th, the customer communication conference started as scheduled. the meeting was kicked off by shi changcheng, who is in charge of domestic sales and e-glass, and then wei haitao, the operation director of e-glass, analyzed the current situation and future of the automobile glass service market, shared "internet " operation mode and the actual business brought to the franchisees at this stage. representatives from xinyi automobile glass and xinyi e-glass respectively elaborated on the themes of "the current situation and future of automobile glass service market", "brand development", "chain o2o mode", "store management experience", "supply service", and carefully communicated with customers to make them truly realize the broad market prospects and perfect operation of xinyi glass and xinyi e-glass. after the report, dealers and franchisees actively participated in discussions, and xinyi company managers answered their questions one by one, which was widely recognized by customers.


speeches of automobile glass domestic sales and xinyi e-glass

customer interaction


meeting site


hong yongsheng, general manager of xinyi automobile glass, made a concluding remark at the end of the conference, " xinyi automobile glass is the cornerstone of xinyi group's development. we always adhere to providing customers with high-quality products and services, and providing a broad platform for dealers and franchisees. in terms of quality, supply and promotion, we all have high standards and perfect solutions. china's automobile glass aftermarket has vast potential. we hope that we can work together in the future to succeed in this business!”


hong yongsheng, general manager of xinyi automobile glass


on the afternoon of june 30th, xinyi automobile glass staff accompanied the customers to visit the automobile glass manufacturing workshop in xinyi tianjin industrial park. by visiting xinyi automobile glass production line, the customers got a close look and better understanding of the advanced production equipment and process of xinyi glass, which greatly enhanced customers' confidence in xinyi automobile glass products. the visit and orderly production lines gave customers a more comprehensive understanding of xinyi glass's industry, and also a strong sense of identity and confidence.

visiting automobile glass manufacturing workshop

professional technicians demonstrating installation of automobile glass


after the visit, the customers returned to the hotel to attend the dinner, and had pleasant communications with xinyi staff to exchange business experience and ideas, in hope that this conference would strengthen the communication between dealers, franchisees and headquarters, and truly become “xinyi partners” who can work together.

xinyi managers and customers greet each other

customers and mr shi toast to each other

group photo