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xinyi glass ceo makes forbes china's “outstanding chinese leaders of multinational corporations” list

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(hong kong, 4 october 2019) – tan sri datuk tung ching sai, chief executive officer of leading integrated automobile glass, energy-saving architectural glass and high-quality float glass manufacturer xinyi glass holdings limited (“xinyi glass” or the “group”) (stock code:, has been named among “outstanding chinese leaders of multinational corporations” by forbes china, recognizing his outstanding management capabilities and contribution.

forbes, an authoritative international financial and business media, advocates entrepreneurship and creativity. the rankings it compiles and publishes are taken as “economic barometers” and wealth pointers. the “outstanding chinese leaders of multinational corporations” list was published by forbes china for the first time, with the selection covering operators of listed corporations with a market capitalisation of more than rmb10 billion in and outside china based on comprehensive assessment and communication with industry experts and academics. the criteria for identifying the outstanding leaders of multi-national companies in china encompassed business results (including revenue, net profit, growth rate and roe of the companies), stock performance, degree of participation in overseas capital markets, the proportion of total revenue from overseas operations, as well as overseas work experience etc. the 50 leaders on the list have all been at the helm driving their companies in delivering strong market or business performances in the three previous consecutive financial years.

tan sri datuk tung ching sai p.s.m, d.m.s.m, ceo of xinyi glass, said, “i am deeply honoured to be named among this year’s ‘outstanding chinese leaders of multinational corporations’ as it represents not only a significant recognition for our management team but also an endorsement of the group’s global strategy deployment. since xinyi glass was listed in 2005, it has been actively expanding its business footprint, exporting glass products to over 140 countries, with markets including asia, north america, the middle east, africa, europe, australia and south america, among others. it also has eight industrial parks operating in various chinese provinces and malacca in malaysia, strengthening its influence overseas. in the future, the group will continue seizing new opportunities, enhancing product value and expanding its overseas markets, so as to generate good returns for shareholders.”