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xinyi group hosts first large-scale investor visit

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(hong kong, 8 june 2023) – xinyi group – with member companies namely xinyi glass holdings limited (stock code: 00868), xinyi solar holdings limited (stock code: 00968), xinyi energy holdings limited (stock code: 03868) and xinyi electric storage holdings limited (stock code: 08328) – organized its first large-scale investor visit in wuhu city, anhui province between 5 and 6 june, with a total of 120 domestic and international investors joining, including a number of major brokerage firms and institutional investors. the aim of the visit was to let investors see its production facilities and development of its business, and via in-depth exchange with the management, understand the group’s corporate culture and strategic deployment.

the visit mainly took place at xinyi's wuhu production base, with the management taking investors around and explaining to them the work of the r&d center there, the wuhu production complex and eva pv film test chamber. investors also saw in action the group’s modern float glass, automobile glass, and solar glass production lines, developing a more specific and in-depth understanding of the production processes of various glass products and the relevant equipment.

the management of the four listed companies in the xinyi group was present in networking and dinner sessions. they included tan sri datuk tung ching sai, chief executive officer of xinyi glass; mr. wesley lee, chief executive officer of xinyi solar; mr. wythe tung, chief executive officer of xinyi energy; mr. mohan wang, chief executive officer of xinyi electric storage, and senior executives of their financial departments and investor relations departments. in the exchange session, the much-enthralled visitors asked questions about the four companies’ businesses and industry development and gained a better understanding of the group's strategic development and future plan.

dr lee yin yee, bbs, chairman of xinyi glass and xinyi solar, said, "xinyi group is committed to providing high-quality products and services, persistent innovation and development, so as to create value for customers and investors. we are very happy to hold at our wuhu production complex the first large-scale investor visit, and would like to sincerely thank the 120 participating investors. during the event, our visitors showed their full support for the group, speaking to their confidence in the development prospect of xinyi companies. we hope this visit will deepen investors’ understanding of our businesses. the group will continue to uphold the highest corporate governance standard and transparency, and is looking forward to maintaining good communication and cooperation with the investment community."

mr. mohan wang, ceo of xinyi electric storage, explained the products to investors in the exhibition hall.
during the exchange session, the much-enthralled visitors ask questions about the business of xinyi group and industry development, developing a better understanding of the group’s strategic development and future plan.
management present from left to right were:
mr. darwin tuen, financial controller of xinyi energy; mr. jason lau, cfo of xinyi glass; mr. wythe tung, ceo of xinyi energy; mr. wesley lee, ceo of xinyi solar; tan sri datuk tung ching sai, ceo of xinyi glass; mr. mohan wang, ceo of xinyi electric storage; mr. daniel chu, financial controller of xinyi solar; mr. victor cheung, financial controller of xinyi electric storage