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xinyi group congratulates mr. lee shing put on making elected representative of the 14th national people's congress of the hong kong special administrative region

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 (hong kong, 16 december 2022) - xinyi group companies, namely xinyi glass holdings limited (stock code: 00868), xinyi solar holdings limited (stock code: 00968), xinyi energy holdings limited (stock code: 03868), and xinyi electric storage holdings limited (stock code: 08328), congratulates mr. lee shing put, b.b.s, chairman of the board of xinyi energy, on being elected as a representative of the 14th national people's congress of the hong kong special administrative region. 
a patriotic entrepreneur who loves hong kong and is enthusiastic about serving the society, mr. lee shing put has put into practice the philosophy of “giving back to society from which one gains”. in addition to having served for years on provincial and municipal committees in the chinese people's political consultative conference (cppcc), offering advice on integration of mainland china and hong kong, and making two-way efforts to build consensus, mr. lee has actively fostered economic and social development in guangdong and hong kong. 
there are six concepts under mr. lee shing put’s umbrella election theme “breakthrough and innovation, integrated development”. they are “maintaining national security and stability, serving as a bridge between the two places”; “supporting and coordinating national planning to promote integrated development of the two places”; “promoting high-quality education and steam education in the two places”; “promoting china’s dual-carbon initiatives and safeguarding green development on earth”, “removing barriers to integration and improving social welfare and medical systems” and “improving the economy and people’s livelihood, playing an important and unique role”, covering a wide range of topics, which are endorsed by members of the election meeting. 

xinyi group congratulates mr. lee shing put on his successful election, as well as the completion of the election and the successful election of 36 deputies to the national people’s congress. looking ahead, the group will fully support mr. lee shing put and contribute to the long-term stable development of "one country, two systems", offer ideas to help build china into a modern and powerful socialist country, promote hong kong's active integration into the overall development of the country, and work with the motherland to create a better tomorrow for the chinese people.