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xinyi glass makes forbes china's 2021 "best employers of the year" and "most sustainable employers of the year" lists

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xinyi glass makes forbes china's 2021
"best employers of the year" and
"most sustainable employers of the year" lists

(hong kong, 29 june 2021) – xinyi glass holdings limited (“xinyi glass” or the “group”) (stock code: 00868), a leading integrated automobile glass, energy-saving architectural glass and high-quality float glass manufacturer, is pleased to announce that the group has made it among “best employers of the year” and “most sustainable employers of the year” in the “2021 forbes china best employers” survey, testifying to the recognition xinyi glass enjoys from authoritative international media for its excellence in such areas as talent management and corporate culture.

a world-renowned international financial and business media, forbes advocates entrepreneurship and creativity. the rankings it compiles and publishes are seen as "economic barometers" and wealth pointers. to identify and focus on benchmark enterprises in mainland china in the areas of sustainable development and human resources management innovation capabilities, forbes china worked with russell reynolds associates, a global leadership and senior management consultancy firm, to conduct in 2021 the first “forbes china best employers” annual survey comprising corporate and employee surveys. the employer questionnaire focuses mainly on "sustainable development capabilities" and “human resources management innovation capabilities” to aid evaluation of an employer’s brand philosophy and experience, including its capabilities to realize long-term development, breakthroughs and innovation, build a harmonious corporate ecosystem, listen to opinions and aim for win-win and excel in human resources management innovation. as for the employee questionnaire, respondents were asked to grade their employer on aspects including “employer image”, “organizational management”, “training development”, “working environment”, “salary and benefits” and “hr management innovation”, and experts and scholars in various fields were asked to evaluate and examine the companies from different perspectives. more than 100 companies from including business technology, finance, fast-moving consumer goods and industrial manufacturing industries were attracted to the event. ten winning companies were picked for the main "best employers of the year" list and sub-lists such as "best sustainable employers of the year".

dr. lee yin yee, b.b.s., chairman of xinyi glass, said, “the group is very honored to make the first '2021 forbes china best employers’ list, which is proof of our outstanding performance in cultivating a good corporate culture and caring for our employees, speaking well to our steadfast commitment to nurturing more high-caliber talent. the group sees talent as its most precious asset, hence has insisted on giving each employee fair, just and reasonable opportunities to grow and shine, and that has enabled the group to attract and retain talent. looking ahead, the group will continue to build its excellent employer brand, while upholding its ‘leading a green new life’ development vision, working hard to fulfil its commitment to sustainable development, such as responding to the 'carbon neutrality and emission peak' national initiatives, to the end of building a long-term sustainable ecosystem for employees and the larger society."