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xinyi glass conferred with “caring company logo” for the first time fulfills corporate social responsibility to give back to society

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(hong kong, 13 february 2020) – xinyi glass holdings limited (“xinyi glass” or the “group”) (stock code: 00868), a leading integrated automobile glass, energy-saving architectural glass and high-quality float glass manufacturer, has been awarded the “caring company 2019/20” logo by the hong kong council of social service for the first time. this award recognises the group’s commitment to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and its outstanding performance in “caring for the community”, “caring for the employees” and “caring for the environment”.

since its establishment, the group has adhered to its core values - “trust, integrity, passion and care”. over more than 30 years, it has contributed to the well-being of society and has shown care about its employees in different ways. the group has participated in a number of donations to contribute to local society. it has also co-organised activities with charitable organisations in order to encourage staff to participate in volunteer works. xinyi glass has treasured its employees as a valuable asset. it has set up the “xinyi education fund” to provide support for the education of employees’ children and has provided additional pay leave. it has paid close attention to the employees in need and their families. furthermore, the group has endeavored to protect the environment through a series of emission reductions measures such as energy-saving and recycling to ensure sustainable development of the environment.

dr. lee yin yee, b.b.s., chairman of xinyi glass, said, “we are very honoured to receive the ‘caring company’ logo. while we strive to enhance our results and expand our business, we have not stopped giving back to the society and are focusing on strengthening the work in areas of sustainable development and helping the underprivileged. earning the logo is not only testimony to the group’s efforts over the past years, but also demonstrates the wider recognition of its endeavours in corporate social responsibility and contributions to society. in the future, the group will continue to work together with all sectors of society to provide assistance to the people in need through different channels. we will strive to fulfill corporate social responsibility and achieve progress along with society.”

launched by the hong kong council of social service in 2002, the caring company scheme aims to build an inclusive society by promoting partnerships among business and social services partners, inspiring corporate social responsibility and encouraging the commercial, industrial and public organisations to care for the community, their employees and the environment. moreover, the caring company scheme also holds different cross-sectoral exchange activities to create opportunities for companies and social service organisations to become acquainted and better understand each other, so as to explore cooperation opportunities to launch cross-sector community programmes to address community needs.